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Supportive / Defensive Driving

Drivingsafe can provide drivers' with the information they need to stay safe, together with an action plan to help reduce their own personal risks. We deliver interactive risk reduction programmes for individuals, companies and organisations designed to modify driver attitudes and behaviours and help reduce their chances of involvement in accidents or incidents.

Health and safety associated with work-related driving can at times be overlooked by employers and employees (including self-employed and contract drivers’). Regulations require companies and their drivers’ to look more carefully at their 'duty of care' when driving motor vehicles. Research shows that on average 20 people are killed and a further 250 seriously injured every week, while driving a vehicle for work related purposes. 95% of all road accidents or traffic offending incidences are caused by human error or an inappropriate personal decision. This makes driving one of the most dangerous work based activities in the UK.

The cost of a road traffic accident or incident stretches far beyond the expense of vehicle repairs, fines, penalty points or a driving ban. Lost production and business, medical costs, missed opportunities, absence from work, sick pay, increased administration and the cost of higher insurance premiums all add to the overall bill.


Our statistically validated Driver Risk Assessment Questionnaire (DRAQ) is in line with current Health and Safety Executive thinking. Risk assessments should cover all company vehicles (which include "grey" and "pool" vehicles), employed, self-employed, contract, agency and voluntary drivers. The DRAQ profiler is a cost-effective way of identifying, prioritising, and targeting resources towards 'at risk' drivers, and can be used as a screening measure when recruiting new drivers. If a practical 'on-road risk assessment' is found to be necessary it can then be tailored specifically to the needs of the driver and to the employer’s work related road safety policy.

Courses, including HSE compliant driver development, can by arrangement be delivered to any location in the UK or abroad, within agreed timescales and can be adapted to suit individual or company operating and manning requirements.

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