Refresher Courses

We frequently receive requests from ex-clients and members of the public for refresher sessions. For various reasons they may have taken time out from driving. Not had a car to drive, new to the area and need to find their way about, preparing for a job interview/new job with a company car provided.

They may like further guidance and advice in certain areas e.g. motorways, roundabouts, multi-lane junctions, parking. Or they may just want to learn a new route to work, college, or university, or to visit friends or relatives in an unfamiliar town or city.

UK Familiarization Courses

New to driving in the UK, or just returned to the UK after a period of residency abroad?

This course is ideal if you have learnt to drive in another country, and do not feel confident about driving in the UK. You may have been driving on the right hand side of the road, or you may be unsure of UK Traffic Rules and Driving conventions.

We can help you gain positive safe experiences of driving in the UK, and if necessary assist you in satisfying the conditions for exchanging of your license to a UK license, or in preparing you for the differing requirements of the UK Driving Test.

Senior Drivers Courses

This course specifically caterers for drivers who have reached their 50’s, 60's and beyond, and is designed to assist drivers' update and refresh their skills and knowledge. Socio-economic changes such as out of town shopping and supermarket complexes, the move to the suburbs and villages, coupled with the rundown of local buses and train services has had many repercussions. One of which is in the increase in the number of senior drivers’ who are now dependent on their motor vehicles for most of their out of home activities e.g. shopping, visiting friends and relatives, leisure etc.

Senior drivers understandably, are reluctant to renounce the convenience, independence, and relative safety of their vehicles, so will not dispense with their driving licenses and cars easily or willingly. We aim to provide neutral non-judgemental advice, development training and guidance, all designed to help retain your independence by updating your driving skills.

The final thought is best summarised by the words of a recent government report on senior drivers which states that 'ultimately for those who live long enough, no one is immune from the effects of ageing... after all it is only a matter of time until we take on that role - we therefore need to prepare ourselves'.

How many sessions will you need?

All our courses are designed around the individual needs of our clients. Please contact us for a friendly informal discussion as to how we can help your specific training requirements and arrange for an initial assessment or meeting.

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