Stress Management & Driving Phobias

Nearly one in three UK drivers report feeling stressed whilst driving. Stress can be persistent, sometimes intense, and can hinder driving and other aspects of your lifestyle. Driving-related stress is likely to be experienced when the demands of the road/traffic environment exceed the driver's ability to cope with or control that environment.

image of what a stressed driver might experience

Surprisingly, stress is not always generated by the 'cut and thrust' style of driving encountered on our roads each day. But rather by the emotional baggage we carry into our vehicles with us which sometimes can interfere with our ability to effectively cope with the challenges of driving.

Drivingsafe has designed a programme suitable for the individual with personal and confidential stress related issues. We also offer stress recognition advice for the individual or smaller groups of drivers, either as a 'stand alone' module, or as an integral part of other driver development initiatives.

These courses are designed to change drivers' mind sets, and to provide information about how to recognise, avoid, and deal effectively with stress, anger, and fatigue whilst on the road.


view of night time driving

Driving Phobia

Sometimes driving stress can manifest itself as a 'driving phobia'. Other people may perceive the circumstances which aggravate these 'driving phobias' as being either insignificant or trivial, but to the individual concerned they are 'very real' and 'very relevant'. A person may often resort to irrational behaviours in order to avoid certain situations or events.

In many cases the 'driving phobia' can be linked to a life changing event or by a more recent traumatic incident such as a road traffic accident or near miss. We can help you regain your confidence in your ability to drive, by assisting you to explore and resolve the anxieties that are getting in the way of your driving.

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