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May 19, 2015

New Appointment.

Our senior trainer George Smith is a specialist in ‘behavioural driving and change’ training. George has successfully created and provided training programmes for major clients, which include the British Airports Authority, Qatar International Logistics Company and Shell UK.  Through his previous company, Minding Driving Ltd, George very successfully delivered driver development training, the management of occupational road risk and assessors’ courses.


Currently an advanced driving examiner for RoSPA, George is a former police officer with 23 years’ experience in Cheshire Constabulary, having served on traffic duties, including motorway, and the Air Support Unit (both helicopter and fixed wing aircraft), which involved assuming overall command and control of incidents.  Similarly, while on police traffic duties attending at scenes of incidents, George dealt with many fatal and serious injury collisions, providing support to the families affected, and subsequent investigations. 


With a passion to help all drivers to develop safer habits, combined with exceptional communication and ‘people skills’, George is a naturally gifted trainer, who began his training career while still serving in the police service.


As a professional trainer, George has successfully delivered training to new police officers, covering a wide range of subjects such as diversity, equal opportunities, communication skills, sexual offences and general criminal and traffic legislation; and to senior managers in areas such as grievance procedures, ASBO legislation.


Whilst serving on the Air Support Unit George trained new air observers in aerial navigation, meteorology, aerial photography, risk assessment, HEART (Human Error Accident Reduction Training), aerial surveillance and survival techniques.


George’s previous company, Minding Driving Limited, was a driver development company based in the north west which successfully delivered all aspects of driver development and the management of occupational road risk, including:


  • Advanced Driving
  • Advanced Driving Tests
  • SAFED Theory Sessions
  • Driving Assessments
  • Developing Road Risk Policies
  • Blue Light Response Courses
  • Motorway Driving
  • Behavioural Theory and Practical Driving Sessions.


George was also the driver trainer/assessor for CES(UK) for whom he successfully developed a Road Risk Policy which was implemented to all drivers, for driving development and other programmes.



 Published: In conjunction with John Milne a chapter for the ‘Fleetcraft’ drivers manual looking at the behavioural aspects of driving.

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